Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Cheerios Diet

I've been thinking of different ways I could do The Cheerios Diet, and I woke up tonight with I believe the perfect solution. I just have to write it down.

Here it is...

1) Eat 3 meals a day
2) Have 2 be normal sized bowls of Cheerios
3) Eat in a specific order to keep the body guessing, and the psyche satisfied and stimulated

4) cheerios, cheerios, DINNER
cheerios, LUNCH, cheerios
BREAKFAST, cheerios, cheerios

I guess I borrowed this idea from diets like The Carbohydrate Addict's Diet, which lets you eat one "reward meal" a day. And the Slim Fast Diet, where you drink a shake for breakfast and lunch, and eat a moderate sized dinner. Both of these do work if you keep at it because they're just simply ways of tricking yourself to reduce the calories you consume. But I see one real problem with both.

The body is a very complex machine, if you keep doing the same thing everyday for a while, it will find a way to do its job more efficiently. Efficiency to your body equals less calories burned--the dreaded weight loss plateau.

My way fights this by having the big meal at different times everyday, your body doesn't get into a set pattern. No, I don't find it likely that the body can discern eating a big dinner one day, lunch the next, and then breakfast after that as a set pattern. You have to do something everyday for a while for it to catch on.

Why dinner, lunch, breakfast?

It would seem logical to go B, L, D in consecutive days but you would be eating a big D then waking up and eating a big B. The patterns go like this...

B c c c L c c c D B c c c L c c c D BLD

c c D c L c B c c c c D c L c B c c DLB

In BLD, you can sense a definite pattern of c c c, which if done long enough your body might catch up on, thus causing plateaus. Also you have D and B consecutively which isn't giving the body enough time to be truly get hungry.

In the preferred DLB, the pattern seems much more random, and that is always good for calorie burning. Since you are basically "calorie cycling" without counting calories.

The Cheerios Diet works because you are tricking your body to not only reduce calories drastically, but also calorie cycle.

This is how you reduce calories...

1st day you eat a C (250 cals), C (250 cals), and then DINNER (about 1000-1200 cals)

2nd day C (250 cals), LUNCH (less than 1000 cals), C (250 cals)

3rd day BREAKFAST (natually less than a big lunch), C (250 cals), C (250 cals)

So on a D day, naturally you eat 1500-1700 calories
L day, less than that maybe 1300-1500
B day, gotta be less, when was the last time you ate a huge 1k+ B after a large L the day before

Even if you eat a monstrous DINNER, the moderate sized LUNCH, and smaller BREAKFAST will definitely make up for it.

If you just ate dinner everyday, you would probably be ravenous and throw down a huge caloric load. This way you can eat what you want one meal a day, but you have to eat it at breakfast every three days, and it is hard to eat that large a meal earlier in the day.

That's all for now. I'll be starting this tomorrow, which is really later today I guess.

I think I've really found something crazy enough that it just might work

Will be weighing in every 2 weeks.